31 May

Changes occur each day in our lives. Some are small and go unnoticed, like the fact that I am losing hair. I don’t notice it each day, but I am sure it is happening. Others can be big and disrupt life as we know it, such as moving or having a baby. I think we can all agree that this current pandemic and crisis is well and truly in the second group. Yet in amongst all of these changes, I am thankful that God doesn’t change and he is the same yesterday, today and forever – a constant in our lives no matter what is going on around us.

There is a good change coming and one that I am looking forward to, and that is being back together again face to face on the 7th June. This will come with its own unique challenges, but we are praying and discussing these as they come so that together we can best care for everyone that joins us.

Our current plan (and this will continue to evolve and change over time) is to begin meeting outside. This will allow the maximum amount of people to join us each week. Being inside with the current restrictions around physical distancing will leave us no room for visitors and will push the current restrictions to their limits. I see this as a good problem as it shows that we have grown as a congregation. I was even reminded this week to be thankful that we are in this building currently and not back at the school auditorium where things would be even more difficult for us.

We realise this is not a long term solution as eventually the weather will turn again, but to meet current restrictions this is our best way forward.

With this in mind if you join us on the 7th June, feel free to bring along a camp chair with you, or a picnic rug to sit on. For those who forget or don’t have one of these, chairs will be available for you. There will be marks placed on the ground to show where you can place your chair to keep the physical distances.

At this stage we will not be having morning tea or lunches together. We are hoping to ease back into these as the restrictions ease into the future.

We also ask that if you are feeling sick or unwell that you remain at home. We are hoping to be able to record some parts of our time together and have these available during the week that follows.

If you have any questions please get in touch via the contact tab.