We Love Jesus

At Darwin Presbyterian Church everything we do revolves around Jesus Christ. We are a group of Christians who believe that the bible centres on Jesus and the grace that is offered through him. Therefore we aim to make him central in our lives, submitting to his rule in our lives and following his example. 

We Love Each Other

We see our church as family, and we love our family. Church is a way of caring for and nurturing each other in Christ. We aren't perfect, in fact we're the first admit we are seriously flawed... but we aim to build each other up, encouraging each other to trust in Jesus every day. 

We Love Our City

We're in Darwin because we love our city. Some of us are here for a short time, others have made Darwin a home. But we all love our city, and we love the people who live in it. We are passionate about making local disciples of Jesus. While we love Darwin, our vision isn't just for this city, as people come in and out of our church, we aim to invest in their relationship with Jesus while they're here, and help be ready to serve him wherever they head to next.